Starting to take it more seriously

After a few rounds you will know whether you have caught the bug of disc golf that many of us have gone through. Practicing daily, telling all your friends about the sport, adding more discs to your bag are telling signs that disc golf is becoming an addiction. But that’s ok, we want everyone to enjoy the game as much as we do!

Understand the official rules

Make sure you read through and start to understand the official rules of the game. This is important for competition play – but don’t stress if you don’t know all the finer details yet!

Come along to a League Day

Meet some of the regular members and join us for a League Day to ease into a more structured experience.

Become a member of Mundaring Disc Golf Club

Enjoy your experience with us so much or just want to dive right into it? Become a member of Mundaring Disc Golf Club

Planning to play competitions?

Register a Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) number to start tracking your official handicap rating when you compete in a sanctioned PDGA event. Also consider a (free) Australian Disc Golf (ADG) number if you plan to play in the Australian events and want to run for division winner. Read more about the disc golf divisions which are setup to accommodate all skill levels.